Moriercraft Woodwinds specializes in Saxophones, Clarinets and Flutes. Accidents happen and instruments will get damaged, extensive playing over time causes pads to deteriorate, key work to get worn and action to get sloppy. That’s why we are here.


We pride ourselves on all of our repairs, but Moriercraft Woodwinds offers a higher level of customization on our overhauls than many other repair shops. Choose from several different types of pads for Saxophone, Clarinet or Flute. In the case of saxophones, several resonator choices are available. Other customizations are available as well, such as palm key risers or key extensions. At Moriercraft Woodwinds we strive to make your horn play and feel the way you want it to.

Pick-up & Delivery Service

Moriercraft Woodwinds is located in Brighton, Ontario which is approximately one hour and forty-five minutes East of Toronto. We are happy to offer Pick-up and Delivery Service from Mississauga to Kingston. Let us know where you would like your instrument picked up and delivered and final adjustments can be done in your own living room.


All repairs by Moriercraft Woodwinds come with a free of charge 60 day warranty. All work that has been performed on a given repair is covered and any adjustments or corrections desired will be done free of charge.

The Moriercraft Woodwinds Extended Warranty (MWEW) is available to clients who have had an overhaul done on their instruments. Once the overhaul is completed clients may purchase the MWEW for a fee of $500. The warranty is valid of one full year from the time of the pick up of the instrument.
The Moriercraft Woodwinds Extended Warranty covers:

1. The Moriercraft Woodwinds Extended Warranty (MWEW) is an additional fee in the amount of $500 to the cost of the overhaul and will be valid for one year.
2. The MWEW is available to only those horns overhauled by Moriercraft Woodwinds.
3. The MWEW will include:
        – Coverage of regular maintenance, one full disassembly, cleaning
          and adjustment.
        – Coverage of accidental damage.
        – A reminder email at the 10-month mark to use your warranty
  **Limitations: Warranty will be void if instruments are repaired by facilities other than Moriercraft Woodwinds. Warranty is non-refundable**

Loaner Instruments

Moriercraft Woodwinds is happy to offer loaner instruments while yours is on the bench. This is a courtesy service and does not come with a charge. The availability of loaners is on a first come first serve basis, and therefore a loaner instrument can not be guaranteed.


Knowing the value of your instrument is important. Moriercraft Woodwinds can do appraisals as part of your repair, or on their own.
*Appraisals can only be done in person, as a detailed inspection of the horn will be necessary.*

Repair Lessons

For players who want to learn how to maintain their instruments properly or technicians who want to learn more advanced techniques, Moriercraft Woodwinds is happy to offer lessons via Skype. Please contact us at: [email protected] for more details.